Things To Know Before Doing A Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment
October 29, 2022

Things To Know Before Doing A Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

By queen peg

A cosmetic procedure for hair loss or thinning hair is Scalp micro pigmentation. A non-invasive procedure called Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) imitates the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. It is also occasionally referred to as a hair tattoo. A provider applies dots of pigment (colour) to the scalp using thin, little needles. These specks give the impression that the hair is thicker. Permanent inks for Scalp micro pigmentation are of cosmetic quality.

Scalp micro pigmentation, done by a qualified expert like san antonio scalp micropigmentation services, can cover up balding spots on your scalp. It could also cover scars or birthmarks. On bald persons, the procedure can also provide the appearance of buzz-cut or shaven hair. Scalp micro pigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t need anaesthesia or surgery.

Considerations to Make Before Getting SMP

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Scalp Micropigmentation Is a Permanent Hair Loss Treatment. san antonio scalp micropigmentation is one of the best services for permanent hair loss treatment. There are no monthly maintenance appointments to keep or daily lotions to use.

You have a hairline selection.

To get a better sense of what to expect, look at our scalp micro pigmentation before and after pictures. Your doctor will go over your hairline options with you during a consultation. Even computer simulations of your appearance in various styles are possible with him.

You can decide to replicate your naturally unattractive hairline or pick a straighter, more contemporary look. You and your artist can discuss modifications and issues during the initial session, and you can modify the style as you go.

A Tattoo on the Scalp Is Not a Tattoo

  • The various terminologies used to describe Scalp micro pigmentation can be confusing. It isn’t a legitimate tattoo, despite being referred to as a “scalp tattoo” or a “hairline tattoo” occasionally.
  • SMP is a form of permanent cosmetics, and the pigment used in the procedure is cosmetic. The pigments used by Scalp Micro USA technicians don’t include any additional colourants or additives that won’t fade with time though they might become lighter.
  • The needle is significantly smaller than a regular tattoo needle and only applies one tiny dot of pigment at the right place on the skin.

SMP is 100% Successful

Scalp micro pigmentation contrast with other hair loss curing is universally successful and works for everyone. It is a tremendous relief because only 5–10% of people who use topical treatments or pills/foams daily have success. Scalp micro pigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can mimic the appearance of a short buzz cut for people experiencing hair loss.