May 14, 2024

What Are Check Valves, and What Are They Used For?

By queen peg

You may not know about them, but they are of very big use and of equally big importance in terms of engineering and even fluid mechanics because small and seemingly insignificant things are actually designed to permit fluid flow in one direction while preventing backflow in the opposite direction so that your water flow does not cause damage to the overall structural integrity of your house- they are these things called check valves!

Now, if you want to buy these online check valves, then you you should first know what they are and what they are used for– and in this short read, we will do exactly that, so let’s get right into, shall we?

What They Are

As we mentioned before, a check valve is a device that enables fluids to flow in just one direction while preventing backflow and is sometimes referred to as a one-way or non-return valve depending on which place you are in.

Check valves are used in pipelines and piping systems to protect against water hammer and pressure surges and what’s so convenient about them is that they can function by themselves and operate on the basis of differential pressure.

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Types of Check Valves

Check valves come in lots of different versions where each is made for specific operational requirements and fluid characteristics, and in this will discuss three of them:

  1. Swing check valves, characterized by a swinging disc or flap, offer low resistance to flow and are ideal for applications with high flow rates.
  2. Ball check valves, featuring a spherical obstruction within the valve body, provide reliable sealing and are well-suited for applications with abrasive or viscous fluids.
  3. Lift check valves, employing a guided disc that moves vertically to control flow, are preferred for applications requiring tight shutoff and minimal pressure drop.

What They Are Used For

These small things are used in a lot of different places and industries and could be even be called a pillar of some of them, like in water treatment plants where hey safeguard the pumps and equipment by preventing the reversal of flow, thus maintaining system efficiency and integrity.

Chemical processing facilities are another place where check valves can be used where they help maintain the integrity of fluid streams, preventing contamination and ensuring product quality.

Types of Check Valves

Benefits of Using Them

There are a lot of benefits to them, as seen in how they are used almost everywhere; here are some of them:

  1. Check valves provide reliable performance, guaranteeing consistent fluid management and system functioning.
  2. Check valves are versatile because they come in a variety of designs and combinations that may be customized to different applications and operating situations.
  3. Check valves improve operational safety by eliminating backflow and potential system damage, reducing downtime.


So, if you are one of the people that recognized their value then you should know just how important they are, if you are not one of those people then we hope that this read helped you gain more knowledge and appreciation about them!