December 5, 2022

Where can we find certified Psychiatrist in San Antonio?

By queen peg

In order to provide Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) therapies to patients in San Antonio and beyond, Dr. Johnston launched Phoenix Mental Health. The first clinical location in San Antonio to offer Deep Brain Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), IV Ketamine, and Intranasal Ketamine (Spravato) for the treatment of MDD is Phoenix Mental Health. To guarantee a positive experience for you, Dr. Johnston works hard to deliver these treatments in a cosy, loving, and empathic setting. Their psychiatric specialists are prepared to assist you and your loved ones with the understanding, compassion, and sensitivity that you need. New patient appointments can be made for the same week as they are currently taking new patients! They work with patients of all ages and treat a range of mental health conditions utilising a combination of pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, and cutting-edge medical procedures. You’re free to stop suffering in silence. One of the best san antonio psychiatry can be found at Phoenix Mental Health.

Need for a Psychiatrist:

Here are a few warning indicators that you should never overlook in case you’re unsure when to see a psychiatrist.


1. Inability to recover from trauma: Unlucky events like losing loved ones can be terrible experiences. As a result, it may have a negative impact on your mental health in a variety of ways, such as making you believe that the deceased person is still alive or that returning to a regular life is impossible.

2. Drug abuse as a coping mechanism: Excessive alcohol or drug usage or the development of new addictions are other typical signs of mental stress. Addictions and bad behaviours often increase the likelihood of various health conditions like eating disorders and sleep troubles.

3. Body effects of emotional turmoil: Having a weak immune system, frequent headaches, or stomach problems can result from being emotionally unhappy all the time.

A psychiatrist is equipped to diagnose mental disorders accurately, and their medical school background also equips them to evaluate any physical factors that might be causing a patient’s psychological problems. A psychiatrist’s ability to write prescriptions for drugs to treat mental health issues is a crucial part of their job. Some people may find it challenging to determine when they should visit a psychiatrist. It can be difficult to tell whether you’re just overworked and need a mental health break or whether something more serious is going on.