wood sauna stove
March 10, 2023

The finest wood for a sauna stove that burns wood

By queen peg

Traditional wood-burning saunas really capture the essence of the sauna experience: the incomparable mild heat, luxuriant hiss of steam, and calming crackling of a wood-fueled fire, as well as the ritual of maintaining the fire. Sauna aficionados have valued it for thousands of years. Wood burning stoves have been captured and reworked for modern life.

You will experience sauna culture at its most genuine in the wood-heated sauna. The roaring flame’s ambient light, the aroma of wood, and the soothing buzz of burning wood ease your mind and transport you away from the stresses of everyday life. Always you can try with stoves likeĀ wood sauna stove

We offer the best and safest wood burning heater solutions for saunas of every size, based on decades of expertise. Our extensive inventory includes wood-burning heaters, water heaters, safety devices, and chimneys, as well as ready-made sauna solutions ranging from seats to entire saunas.

Not all wood is made equal, and this is especially true when it comes to heating your wood heated sauna. All hard woods, some of the best timbers for our wood burning sauna stove include:

wood sauna stove

  • It smells fantastic and burns quite hot. The disadvantage is that it may burn fast.
  • Douglas Fir is an undervalued wood for your wood burning sauna heater since it is easy to split and burns hot.
  • Everyone adores oak. You can’t go wrong with oak in your sauna stove since it’s a hard wood that burns long and hot.
  • Apple wood. Apple wood burns long and hot while producing relatively little smoke. The disadvantage is that it is not always accessible everywhere, but if you can get it, it is an excellent alternative for use in your sauna stove.
  • This is another strong wood that burns long and hot and is easy to locate. A simple option for your wood-burning sauna stove.

To get fire we need to get few knowledge about wood, as fire is hit up with wood in wood sauna stove. However we discussed the greatest wood burning sauna stoves as well as the best sorts of wood to utilise in a wood burning sauna stove. All of that information should be plenty to get you started with your new wood-burning sauna. Running a wood-burning sauna requires more effort, but the return is well worth it in every aspect. Have fun and get your sauna on!